SalvoConnect Women's Services

Supporting women to overcome barriers and create sustainable futures

Our Role

What is our role at SalvoConnect Women’s Services (SCWS)?

SalvoConnect Women’s Services is a gender specific, specialist homelessness service that can provide assistance to women and children through a range of programs. Our role is to assist women to identify and develop pathways to reach their potential.

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Support within these programs can include:

  • Safe supported accommodation pathways
  • Advice and advocacy to access long term housing options
  • Support to identify goals to achieve self-reliance and independence
  • Referral to health and welfare services
  • Assistance with parenting and living skills
  • Connections to education, employment and training opportunities
  • Support with legal and criminal justice issues

For women experiencing family violence, support is focussed on minimising the impact of the violence, restoring safety, and preventing further victimisation and perpetration. Activities include: crisis care, assistance to access safe supported accommodation; referral to specialist counselling; advocacy; efforts to prevent additional abuse; and assisting criminal justice responses to perpetrators of violence.


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