SalvoConnect Community Support Service

Providing Emergenct relief, Case Work, Counselling, Financial Counselling and Money Management Education

Community Support Service - Doorways

Providing Emergency relief, Case Work, Counselling, Financial Counselling and Money Management Education. 

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The Salvation Army - Community Support Service (CSS) provides support, information, referral, advocacy, case work and counselling to individuals and families experiencing personal and/or financial hardship. 

Access to Emergency Relief is via an appointment that can be organised by phone, in person or via referral from another organisation or The Salvation Army program. 

The service has the capacity to respond to individuals who walk-in.   

Open daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm from our 26 Bellerine St, Geelong office

The majority of individuals who access CSS are in receipt of income support and present with issues including housing insecurity, being behind in utilities, use of credit to pay bills, pay-day loans and fines.  The ever increasing cost of living: rent, gas, electricity and water means that more and more individuals (and families), are cutting back on food, clothing, medical, dental, education and recreation.  They may also experience increased rates of stress, anxiety, depression, family breakdown, intergenerational unemployment/ poverty and substance abuse.  The Community Support Service - Doorways Programme is responding to some of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the community.

Services include:   

  • Community Support Service (Emergency Relief) 
  • Financial Counselling 
  • Indigenous Money Management 
  • Crisis Counselling 
  • Case Management 

Community Support Service:  Provides information, referral, advocacy and financial assistance to individuals and families in the Geelong Community who are experiencing personal and/or financial hardship. Emergency Relief services provide support to address immediate needs in time of crisis.  Assistance can include: food parcels, furniture, clothing, transport, chemist, vouchers, contribution to the costs of medical bills, education and/ or budgeting.  Within the CSS Doorways model counselling and financial literacy education is also available. 

Financial Counselling:  Commonwealth Financial Counselling (CFC) services are funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide free quality financial counselling to people who are experiencing personal financial difficulties due to circumstances such as unemployment, sickness, credit-over-commitment, inappropriate lending practices and/or family breakdown.  Activities undertaken include direct casework; individual/group information, referral, advocacy; and community education/development and/or financial literacy education to individuals and families in the Geelong Community. 

Indigenous Money Management: Money Management services operate within Indigenous communities to provide support .  They provide people with education and information to help them manage their money.  They do not provide financial advice or deal with complex financial/legal matters these issues are referred to the Financial Counsellor. 

This program is delivered in partnership with Whitelion and Murrenda Aboriginal Community Care Ltd. This position is based at Narana 
Creations in Grovedale. 

(Place these logos only in the Indigenous Money Management section) 

Crisis Counselling: provides individual and family counselling on a range of issues including mental health issues, health, family relationships, addiction and family violence.   

Case Management: to those experiencing ongoing difficulties and presenting with complex issues. 

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