Alcohol & Other Drugs

Supporting people to recover from problematic alcohol and/or substance use.


The Salvation Army Alcohol and Other Drug Service 


Amphetamine Type Stimulants or ATS (combination of Amphetamines, Ecstasy, Ice statistics):

There is much dialogue around the suspected increase of ATS usage.  Over the past 3 years within AODS (GWU, Post Withdrawal Linkages, Aftercare):

2009-10 – 2.5% reported as the primary substance (5th highest); 15.3% as 4th highest other substance
2010-11 – ATS 3.4% = 5th highest reported primary substance; 13.4% as 3rd highest other substance.
2011-12 – ATS 7.6% = 4th highest primary substance; 18.6% as 3rd highest other substance
2012-13 – ATS 8.9% = 4th highest primary substance; 14.9% as 3rd highest other substance

It can be seen that there has been an incline since 2009 in ATS as the primary substance of use, by 6.4%. In 2011-12 there was a significant spike in the reporting of ATS, rising from 2010-11 in both in the percentage of primary substance by 4.2% and as other substance use by 5.2%.  However, during 2010-2013 ATS remain behind alcohol, cannabis and heroin as primary substance reported, and cannabis and nicotine as other substance (and marginally ahead of alcohol). Also noting a drop by 3.7% as other substance of use from 2011-12 to 2012-13 (below the 2009 reported figure for other substances of use).