Real people, real stories

The following excerpts are shared with us in hope to demonstrate and encourage those who work in the sector, and those who reach out and seek recovery. This connects the investment the Government, organisations and workers make with the reality of a person’s life, and a family’s recovery.

Sue is 45 years old...

Sue is 45 years old and in receipt of Disability Support Pension. She is experiencing a number of mental health issues including social phobia’s which makes it difficult for her to leave her house. Sue is the mother of 2 young boys and separated from her husband several years ago. A member of her family suggested she seek assistance from a Financial Counsellor after her ex-husband had died.

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As Sue was listed as his executer the responsibility for his estate fell to her after his death. Sue attended the first session with three boxes of paper dating back several years related to financial matters. Much of the content was old out-dated copies of bills that she felt that she was unable to work through herself as the process of working through them was overwhelming. There were several matters that needed to be addressed around taxation, insurance, superannuation and a number of other outstanding debts.

It was determined that Sue's former partner had no outstanding debts, except for a number of fines which became void upon his death. The outstanding tax issues were addressed from the estate. Sue's ex-partner had several superannuation policies with a number of organisations with his boys listed as majority recipients and Sue receiving a minor share. Applications where made to the super funds for release of the funds after seeking appropriate paper work by the financial counselling service. Given the amount of money in the estate and age of the boys it was suggested that further financial advice be sought from a financial adviser.